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Humble Independent School District | Top Rated Texas Schools

Humble Independent School District is a school district based in Humble, Texas (USA). Humble ISD serves almost all of the city of Humble, small portions of the city of Houston (including the community of Kingwood), and portions of unincorporated Harris County (including the community of Atascocita). Humble ISD campuses include 22 elementary schools, six middle schools, two ninth grade campuses, three high school campuses, a community learning center that houses the district's non-traditional high school, Quest High School, and the Career & Technology Education Center.

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List of schools in the Humble Independent School District

Humble Independent School District

Lonestar College (Kingwood)

High Schools:
Kingwood High School (Kingwood)
Kingwood Park High School (Kingwood)
Quest High School (Kingwood)
Atascocita High School (Atascocita)
Humble High School (Humble)

Middle Schools:
Creekwood Middle School (Kingwood)
Kingwood Middle School (Kingwood)
Riverwood Middle School (Kingwood)
Timberwood Middle School (Kingwood)
Atascocita Middle School (Atascocita)
Humble Middle School (Humble)

Elementary Schools:
Bear Branch Elementary School (Kingwood)
Deerwood Elementary School (Kingwood)
Elm Grove Elementary School (Kingwood)
Foster Elementary School (Kingwood)
Greentree Elementary School (Kingwood)
Hidden Hollow Elementary School (Kingwood)
Oak Forest Elementary School (Kingwood)
Pine Forest Elementary School (Kingwood)
Shadow Forest Elementary School (Kingwood)
Whispering Pines Elementary School (Kingwood)
Willow Creek Elementary School (Kingwood)
Woodland Hills Elementary School (Kingwood)
Oaks Elementary School (Atascocita)
Summerwood Elementary School (Atascocita)
Timbers Elementary School (Atascocita)
Eagle Springs Elementary School (Humble)
Humble Elementary School (Humble)
Jack Fields, Senior Elementary School (Humble)
Lakeland Elementary School (Humble)
Maplebrook Elementary School (Humble)
North Belt Elementary School (Humble)
Park Lakes Elementary School (Humble)